‘It’s fun to learn about super and learn a new tax system’. Based out of our Philippines office, and working within our Super Team, Jessa is infectiously curious and thrives from being given a challenge and nothing more than learning new things.

Maybe the traits come from the carefree position of being the youngest (and possibly the favourite 🙂 of four daughters, or maybe it’s learnt from experience, determination and drive for betterment and the love of learning.

After finishing college, Jessa worked in a local bank in the Philippines. She had always wanted to work in a corporate setting. There was appeal in the structure and professionalism of bigger firms with processes and pathways of progression and learning. As she dabbled in banking the world of business and finance opened up to her and she started to see the appeal of global accounting.

Some might be turned off by the tax rules, policies and constant changes but for Jessa it’s the ‘fun and exciting’ part the ever-evolving nature of the beast.

As she gets to learn the in’s and out’s of Australian tax and super, she’s excited about building expertise and understanding what drives the diverse and interesting client base that are Martin & Martin’s Clients.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Financial Management)

Area of expertise

Accounting, Finance


People who are kind and funny, fresh fruits, K-Pop


Dirty places, spicy foods & too crowded spaces

Favourite Quote

“If not now, then when?”
— Hillel the Elder

Favourite holiday destination

Anywhere with beach or theme parks with extreme rides

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee forever

You wouldn’t know…

I dreamed of becoming a pilot