Hema grew up in India not far from Chennai raised in a family that traded in textile and printing fabrics. As a young quiet, ambitious and studious woman, Hema was surrounded and supported by her entrepreneurial family who helped her begin to understand the complexities of running a business and maintaining relationships.

Growing up and seeing business first hand from within her close knit family she was exposed to the delicate management of expectations of stakeholders across; growth, diversification and development, client satisfaction, visions of the business and motives which may not always be orientated by profit. Although the various stakeholders might have had varied skill levels, approaches and viewpoints they could diplomatically converge their efforts to the common goal of the family business.

Fierce, insightful, wise, empathic, diplomatic, strategic, bright and humble, Hema’s super power seems to be her perceptiveness combined with work ethic and drive for constant learning. She has an ability to knuckle down and be in a constant state of learning – whether that be through study or in experience. The potential to migrate to Australia through study provided an opportunity to spread her wings from the world she knew and challenge herself in a foreign new environment on her own two feet.

Hema takes great pride in her love and logic of maths enabling her to be the first in her family for a generation to obtain an education level of postgraduate Masters. Even during her maternity leave, she was not one to sit still so Hema started her CPA whilst she was pregnant with her first child and by the time she had her second she’d finished her certification.

Whilst the language and cultures have changed during her years of study, her love of numbers and the universal logic of maths have been a constant in her life and will no doubt that fire will never cease to burn in her heart. Through practicing accounting: Taxation, details in numbers, data analysis, financial reports and pulling stories and trends out of numbers stoke her fire.

Whilst taxation might be her area of expertise, her way with clients is: calming, thorough and encouraging. Satisfaction for Hema is providing great service and data to clients that enable them to feel they are in control even if it might feel as if the environment around them is chaotic and ever evolving.


Master of Business (Professional Accountancy), CPA

Area of expertise

Business Service and Taxation


Movies, music, art ,cooking, nature


Lies, dishonesty and fakeness

Favourite Quote

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”
— Albert Einstein

Favourite holiday destination

Depends on the budget: Local – Lorne, International – India, NZ, USA

Tea or Coffee?

Preference based on where I am. India I prefer Tea, Melbourne must be Coffee.

On Sundays you will usually find me…

Family time: play, cooking & shopping

If money were no object I would…

Will try new things every 3 months (Art – dance, painting, yoga)

My comfort food

Fresh fruits & honey

Best advice I have been given

Give your best and nothing is too late