Ferlyn from our Philippines Office grew up in Toledo City, Cebu in the Philippines. With her father working abroad for work, Ferlyn stepped up her responsibilities as the eldest child of three children so it’s unsurprising that she’s ended up in a role at work that supports, manages and organises people. When Ferlyn was little she had aspirations to become a teacher just like her mother but responsibilities of the family took priority.

At college Ferlyn dabbled in business related subjects trying both accounting and human resources (HR). Funny to think that considering where she’s working at today, accounting wasn’t quite for her. It was HR that she took to and ended up completing a Bachelor of Science Business Administration (Human Resources) at the University of San Jose Recoletos.

As a self proclaimed ‘funny one’ in the Philippines office, Ferlyn loves talking to people, to extrapolating their strengths, struggles, motivations and how they might puzzle together to fit different roles in recruitment.

Over the years Ferlyn has worked in HR, paralegal work and accounting. In between her positive giggles, Ferlyn is taking on an administrative assistant role with executive assistant work within Martin & Martin keeping projects and people moving. A detail focused person she has a great thirst for improvement and is very much enjoying working with the patient, constantly evolving and friendly feedback style that we Aussies have in our work.


Bachelor of Science Business Administration (Human Resources)

Area of expertise

HR, Executive Assistant


Watching K-dramas, spending every weekends at home with my son, reading books, watching movies


Snakes, any insects that fly and crawl

Favourite Quote

“When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen”
— Isiah

Favourite holiday destination

Hong Kong – I never been to, but that’s the dream. For now, I can say it is Baguio

On Sundays you will usually find me…

Around 5AM, I will have a quick dip in the sea with my son. Every Sunday is always SONday.

Summer or Winter?

Summer, I haven’t experienced winter yet, hopefully soon.

My comfort food

Lumpia – Famous filipino dis