Minh is full of little surprises. From first impressions you know there’s more processing behind the scenes than his quiet demeanor shows. Growing up in Vietnam, he always knew he’d want to go to uni, but where or what he was going to study was almost a secondary detail to the stimulation and experience that it would behold. He hadn’t really considered leaving Vietnam until he finished high school and his older sister who had studied at La Trobe had recommended that he’d study at La Trobe University.

He studied for a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance and Marketing) at La Trobe University in Hanoi Vietnam. He was guided by the thought that if you want to work in business, studying finance and marketing would be a great starting point. During his studies he took the opportunity to partake in a six-week volunteer program in Indonesia. Joining other uni students from around the world, he was part of a non-profit environmental program that educated primary school students about protecting the environment as well as planting mangrove plants in the North of Jakarta and collecting trash along the coastlines.

Growing up Minh’s family of four would travel on road trips to explore the lands around them in Vietnam. He was an active child playing football and tennis and loved spending time outdoors, so this exposure for the betterment to preserve the natural environment we live in came naturally to Minh and took him outside of his comfort zone.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he came to Australia to study a Masters of Advanced Finance at Monash and upon graduating Minh applied for a number of roles all over the world and was fortunate to be accepted roles in financial services. But, the dreaded COVID19 struck and he was stuck locked down in Australia unable to find a flight out of the country. Soon after Minh received an offer in a Tax role and it’s how he’s ended up working in Accounting. Guided by a patient, soon to be retired mentor that he looked up to greatly, the job that was originally one of convenience started to bloom and become something that he started to enjoy and fit with him like a puzzle.

These days he is studying to be a Chartered Accountant and keen as mustard to learn more. Minh’s curious, perceptive, eloquently spoken, attention to detail personality is an excellent fit for the interesting and dynamic work that Martin & Martin manage.


Bachelor of of Business Administration (Finance and Marketing), Masters of Advanced Finance

Area of expertise

Business and Taxation


Sport (football, tennis, swimming, snorkelling), Reading (history, politics, finance and economics), travelling, summer and hot weather, fairness and equality.


Unorganised, unfairness, abuse, impatience and untidiness

Favourite Quote

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”
— Thomas A. Edison

Favourite holiday destination

I like traveling to two types of places. One is places with distinctive architecture, rich in cultural identity. The two places I like are Hanoi and Hue in Vietnam. The second is places with beautiful beaches, such as Bali in Indonesia and Lang Co in Hue.

Studied accounting because…

I studied tax and accounting because my personality, interests, and skills align with the demands of this profession. Curiosity is one of my defining traits, which keeps me constantly questioning and exploring issues related to taxation. Additionally, I possess high discipline, perseverance, and attention to detail in my work. I believe these skills are essential in the field of taxation, given the vast amount of knowledge required, demanding persistence and meticulousness from accountants.

Best advice I have been given

Best advice I have been given is "Patience is a key element of success." This has truly been sound and beneficial advice for me. Over the course of 10 years of studying and working, I’ve realized that there will always be challenges and difficulties, but if one persists and remains patient, those challenges can gradually be overcome.