Melissa is bubbly and effervescent. There’s a sparkle to her smile, whether it’s meeting her in person or over the phone, the positivity and her people personality oozes when she talks and sometimes wafts through the phone lines or straight out off your computer screen.

Friendly, open, efficient, organised, and positive, Melissa is the ultimate meeter and greeter who loves nothing more than to connect with people to work out how to best fulfil their needs. Not only does Melissa like to get to know people, the motivations behind things, but to how and why. She is inquisitive, curious and keen for betterment, growth and improvement.

Administratively she get’s the job done, not getting deterred by set-backs or changes in systems. Her positivity and patience doesn’t waver even when trying to frustratingly deal with government departments. Having always worked in Finance but in corporate practice, her experience has varied from from the Australian and London Stock Exchange, to International Banking and Investment Managers.

Coming to the private practice of Martin and Martin was a conscious choice of finding the right place and work environment and cultural fit. She found that magic in the way that Andrew manages and works within Martin & Martin. The honesty and open-ness they have with team and clients to work towards a mutual goal.


Diploma of Business

Area of expertise

Client Relations and Executive Support

Favourite Quote

“It takes more facial muscles to frown than smile – so smile!”

I love it when our clients…

Say thank you

The best thing about Excel is…?

It still keeps me guessing

Best advice I have been given

Tomorrow is a new day