Ha is curious, analytical, insightful, detail oriented and caring. She seems quiet, but really she has a secret bit of crazy that is ready to pounce, ready for action – calculated and waiting for that right moment. No matter what the weather, she is layered up with clothing, always cold. It’s possible she is a cold-blooded reptile disguised as an accountant with glasses.

She is incredibly agile and thrives in growing, improving and levelling up. Constantly learning, the last podcast she listened to was an accounting podcast about testamentary trusts and deceased estates. She isn’t scared to ask you what that funny Aussie slang phrase means or to get further clarity about financials.

Ha loves recognising patterns in how the world inter-relates and in her work. Technologically native, she loves finding an automated solution to systemise and improve efficiencies. She also finds it fascinating how we can all look at the same report and we can each tell a different story from looking at it. How our differing experiences and values can influence what we see and interpret.

Quietly working on her work, there are so many moments throughout the day when she’s internally high fiving. Whether it’s when the numbers marry up and reconcile or when she gains a new insight from coming at something from a new angle. If you see her smile quietly, it’s quite possible she’s just nailed something…


Bachelor of Commerce (Honours in Finance)

Area of expertise

Business Services and Taxation


My family, finding unexpected money in a pocket, hiking


Pimples, cold weather, vacuuming the house

Favourite Quote

“Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else. Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.”

My comfort food

Mum’s dishes – Canh xuong ham (Pork bone soup with carrots and potatoes), Canh chua ca (Sour fish soup)

The best thing about Excel is…?

The ability to work with numerical information, customise and present info quite easily.